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 Fifa Elite Rules

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PostSubject: Fifa Elite Rules   Tue May 05, 2009 3:30 pm


Right, here's the lowdown on what is acceptable at FIFA ELITE. We are very relaxed in terms of banter and having a ood time but WE DO NOT ACCEPT swearing, racial or homophobic language or any subjects or remarks which will cause offence. Use common sense!

Now for Game Play rules! When playing a league game it is impotant to know you are playing with the PLAY A FRIEND option on your FIFA 09 menu. The game should be 5 minutes halves so total approx 10 minutes. For League games there is no extra time, for FIFA KINGS CUP there will be extra time in knockout stages when needed, as well as penalties. Your league games must be played by league deadline

If you disconnect or have lag, please pause and contact your opponent either by chat, message or website chat and let them know the problem to arrange another time to play, and please tell an Administrator too if there is any problems. If you are disconnected you have to create a new game and carry over the scores from the previous game, playing the remaining minutes

This site is very ANTI CHEATING that means quitting, trying to take advantage of glitches in game or just being a sore loser and hacking opposition down in order to forfeit match because of lack of players. You will be sacked immediately if found tat you have cheated in any waym including editing players


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Fifa Elite Rules
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